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Round Rock campus designs “Horror Room”

Halloween is right around the corner, but at the Texas A&M College of Medicine Round Rock campus, a uniquely designed “Horror Room” is all tricks and no treats. The college is piloting a new Health Systems Science track this year. The track, designed to help students understand the complexities of our health care system and opportunities for system improvements to reduce the risk of harm to patients, was created to ultimately, improve the delivery of care.  horror-room

“The track underscores the need for system solutions to keep our patients safe during their interactions within healthcare settings,” said Roque Ruggero, clinical assistant professor, Department of Emergency Medicine.

Ruggero designed and taught a recent “Horror Room” session in which a hospital room was created with multiple potential risks to a simulated patient. Students were instructed to identify as many errors as possible and recognize the risk of harm to the patient. This was followed by a debrief in which medical students engaged in lively discussions and analysis of the simulation.

“We expect this track to provide new insight for students beyond just ‘getting the right diagnosis’ that will improve their ability to care for patients, increase compliance, promote a culture of safety and leadership, and encourage advocacy,” Ruggero added.