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Medical Physiology: June 2017 Updates


Dr. Sanjukta Chakraborty, Assistant Research Scientist, received a $231,000 American Heart Association Scientist Development Grant titled “Role of microbiota dysbiosis in lymphatic dysfunction and progression of metabolic syndrome” for the period 07/01/17-06/30/20. Dr. Chakraborty works in the laboratory of Dr. Mariappan Muthuchamy, Professor.

Dr. Joseph Rutkowski, Assistant Professor, received a $154,000 American Heart Association Grant-in-Aid titled “Adipose tissue and lymphatic vessel functions in obesity” for the period 07/01/17-06/30/19.



Dr. Andreea Trache, Associate Professor, presented an invited talk titled “Focal adhesions as biomechanical integrators” at the Quantitative Cell Biology Workshop on Cells as Dynamical Systems in San Francisco.


Professional Activities and Appointments

Brittany Bass, a junior Biomedical Science major at Texas A&M, is studying how a loss of function in presenilin-1, an Alzheimer’s related protein, causes heart disease in mice. Her supervisor is Dr. David Dostal, Professor.

Members of the Division of Lymphatic Biology traveled to Chicago to attend Lymphatic Forum 2017. Dr. David Zawieja, Regents Professor and Head, was one of the organizers of the meeting. He also chaired a session on Lymphatic Physiology and Function. Dr. Joseph Rutkowski, Assistant Professor, presented “Lymphatic vessel functions in chronic inflammation.” Dr. Anatoliy Gashev, Associate Professor, also participated in the Forum and served as a judge for the poster competition.

Christian Farley, junior Biology major at Prairie View A&M, is studying the effects of kidney VEGF-D on renal lymphangiogenesis and its effects on inflammation-induced hypertension in the laboratory of Dr. Joseph Rutkowski, Assistant Professor.

Pauline Ighofose, Prairie View A&M senior, is conducting summer research on renal lymphatic alterations in salt-sensitive hypertension in the laboratory of Dr. Brett Mitchell, Associate Professor.

Amy Kumar, junior undergraduate at University of Texas-Austin, is conducting research to elucidate the role of Substance P on specific inflammatory pathways in the mesenteric lymphatics under the supervision of Dr. Sanjukta Chakraborty, Assistant Research Scientist.

Anand Narayan, Graduate Research Assistant, attended the Microbeam training course at Columbia University’s Radiological Research Accelerator Facility in New York. The course is designed to provide a “pipeline” of researchers interested in the use and development of microbeam facilities for research in biology and radiation physics. Anand works in the laboratory of Dr. David Zawieja, Regents Professor and Head.

Hailee Nerber, graduate of Mary Hardin Baylor with a BS in cell biology, is working this summer in the laboratory of Dr. Thomas Bartosh, Research Assistant Professor.

Michaela Saathoff, junior from Truman College in Missouri, is researching renal lymphatic alterations in angiotensin II-induced hypertension in the laboratory of Dr. Brett Mitchell, Associate Professor.



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Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Research Associate Professor, co-authored a book chapter entitled “Cardiac intracellular renin-angiotensin system” in New Aspects of the Renin Angiotensin System in Cardiovascular and Renal Diseases.

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