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Medical Physiology: April 2017 Updates


Dr. Pooneh Bagher, Assistant Professor, presented “Identification and characterization of focal and global calcium signaling events in smooth muscle cells of the microcirculation” at the Quantitative Bioimaging Conference at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Joseph Rutkowski, Assistant Professor, presented “VEGF-D induced lymphatic expansion in adipose tissue reduces inflammation and improves metabolism in obesity” at the Obesity and Adipose Tissue Biology Conference held in Keystone, Colorado.

Dr. Carl Tong, Assistant Professor of Medical Physiology and Internal Medicine (Cardiology), gave a talk on “Cardiac myosin binding protein-C de-phosphorylation mediated slowing of cross-detachment worsens heart failure” at the American College of Cardiology meeting in Washington, DC. He also presented 2 posters entitled “Acute decompensated heart failure: The journey from patients’ perspective” and “Status of early career academic cardiology: A global perspective.”

Professional Activities and Appointments

Dr. Pooneh Bagher, Assistant Professor, traveled to Virginia March 10-April 1 to learn a new technique as part of her APS Career Enhancement Award.

Emily Holzman, Technician, and Ray Mitchell, Research Associate, traveled to the University of Virginia March 8-20 to learn a new laboratory technique. Emily and Ray are in the lab of Dr. Pooneh Bagher, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Harini Sreenivasappa, Postdoctoral Research Associate, participated in the National Postdoctoral Association meeting in San Francisco, California, March 16-20. Dr. Sreenivasappa was recently elected as Co-President of the TAMHSC Postdoctoral Association. Dr. Sreenivasappa works in the laboratory of Dr. Andreea Trache, Associate Professor.

Dr. Andreea Trache, Associate Professor, served on the organizing committee of the 2017 Quantitative Bioimaging Conference held at Texas A&M University. She also presented “Regulation of integrin function studied by integrated optical and atomic force microscopy.”

Dr. Thomas Peterson, Professor, participated in the Christian Medical Association’s Peru Medical Missions Trip over the week of Spring Break.



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