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MD Plus Student Spotlight: Arjun Rao

We sat down to learn more about Arjun Rao of Pearland, Texas and why he chose to add a Masters of Business Administration from Mays Business School to his MD program from Texas A&M.


In what MD Plus track are you enrolled?



Why do you want to be a physician?

I feel like practicing medicine will allow for the overlap between academic and innovative sciences, patient interaction and creating new solutions to problems in the medical field.


Why did you choose Texas A&M College of Medicine?

I was attracted by the condensed MBA program, the proximity to large medical centers like Houston and Dallas. As a biomedical engineer, I want to be close to the innovation in the medical space.


Why did you choose to pursue a graduate degree in addition to the MD?

I am very interested in serving at the intersection of medicine, innovation and engineering. This seemed like a logical step to adequately prepare myself for this role. I will be able to assist hospitals in developing their business structure and making the current medical system more efficient.


What are your dreams for the future and how do you feel the MD Plus Program will help you?

I am currently interested in pursuing oncology. For many top residency programs it is beneficial to have an additional master’s degree. Additionally, the oncology space is still developing. Having the ability to adapt and further develop the space will be useful for my progress as a physician.


Do you have any other comments related to the MD Plus Program, Texas A&M or your personal story that you would like to share?

For those interested in academia, management or private practice, I think the MD+ program can be very beneficial in developing your skill set and profile to best prepare yourself for your future role. A&M is fortunate enough to have a well-respected MD and MBA program, which is not something all medical schools can say.



To learn more about the M.D. Plus Program, please visit the program web site at medicine.tamhsc.edu/M.D.plus.