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MD Plus Student Spotlight: Thomas Dowlearn

We sat down with Thomas Dowlearn from Houston, Texas to learn more about why he chose to add a Masters of Business Administration from Mays Business School to his MD program from Texas A&M.


Why do you want to be a physician? When I was 17 years old, my life was changed by an orthopedic surgeon who repaired a herniated disc in my lower back (the L4-L5 disc). Then, when I was 19 years old, my life was transformed once again by a cardiovascular thoracic surgeon whom I shadowed. He demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to his patients. I want to be a physician so I can impact others’ lives in similar ways. As a physician, I will empower others to live healthier and happier lives.


Why did you choose Texas A&M College of Medicine? I chose Texas A&M COM because the people there, ranging from the students and faculty to the maintenance staff, showed a genuine desire to support each other and an unmistakable pride for the school. They inspired me to become part of the unique culture and traditions at Texas A&M.


Why did you choose to pursue a graduate degree in addition to the MD? I chose to pursue my MBA in addition to my MD to open new doors for myself. Knowledge is power. My MBA has provided me with fundamental knowledge necessary to start my own practice, enter hospital administration, become involved in healthcare policy, or pursue other opportunities in healthcare in the future. I now feel more confident in my own abilities to succeed and make an impact in the world.


What are your dreams for the future and how do you feel the MD Plus Program will help you? My dream is to improve the patient experience. The MD/MBA Program has given me a new perspective and the ability to identify business problems in healthcare such as waste and inefficiencies within our current system. Identifying and understanding these problems is the first step to solving them. Going forward, I will play a leadership role in solving these problems.


Do you have any other comments related to the MD Plus Program, Texas A&M or your personal story that you would like to share? Enrolling in the MD/MBA Program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would do it all over if I had to make the same decision again today.