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January Dean’s Message from the Dallas Campus Vice-Dean


Welcome back everyone, 2017 will surely be a wonderful year for the College of Medicine! While the Dallas Campus just celebrated five years as a member of the A&M family, 2017 is the 40th Anniversary of the College of Medicine’s first class of medical students. In 1977 Texas A&M welcomed 32 bright and brave students, as one of five medical schools established by the Teague-Cranston Act of 1971. This federal legislation created medical schools in conjunction with existing Veterans Affairs hospitals to meet the needs of the medically underserved areas of the country.

To this day, we as a College keep this mission at the heart of all that we do – in everything we are here to serve. Selfless service is an Aggie core value and is the driving force for all of us; we want to improve the lives of our fellow human beings through medical research, clinical care, and making our world a better place for everyone. Everyone who is a part of the Texas A&M College of Medicine is a part of this mission, and 2017 is certainly a time for us to reflect and celebrate our accomplishments and who we are.

Please keep an eye out for information coming soon about internal celebrations throughout the College and be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts as we share our history. There is no denying that throwback Thursday photos will be fun for everyone, but especially alumni. We also encourage you to join-in the social media conversation by sharing your photos and memories using #COM40. We’ll be keeping up with the online conversation and be sharing posts from this hashtag throughout the year.

-Cristie Columbus, MD

Cristie Columbus, M.D. Vice Dean, Dallas Campus

Vice Dean, Dallas Campus
Texas A&M HSC College of Medicine