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April’s Virtual Wellness Challenge: Bring Your Own Challenge

Join us this April at the College of Medicine for the “Bring Your Own Fitness Challenge.”

Pick your personal challenge from the list (choose at least one):
30 Sit Ups per day
30 Squats per day
30 Push Ups per day
30 Jumping Jacks per day

Enter your name and your challenge in the Google Doc and start recording your progress. Ends April 30th.  Weekends count: everyday is a chance to better your personal wellness!
Complete the challenge. It’s that simple. Those who complete 21 days of the challenge are entered into a drawing for a prize.  Just mark whether you’ve completed each day with a “yes” or “no”. It will be visible to everyone – so you can see where you stand with the competition and help your colleagues complete the challenge!

Bookmark the link.
Set daily reminders.
Complete the challenges as an office during work days.
Challenge yourself! Add other exercises from the list to your personal challenge.
Encourage all staff in your office to participate.


Congratulations to March’s 8-for-8 Water Challenge Winners!

Each of these winners completed the 8-for-8 Water Challenge in March. They’ll be receiving a really cool infuser water bottle to keep them accomplishing their hydration goals. Congratulations!

Sherry Smith
Jovan Martinez
Lori Donnell
Kim Zemanek
Yuanyuan Zhou
Stacey Keller
Monica Ocon
Manuela Smith
Jennifer LoGalbo